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Roast Beef Eggs and Smoked Goat Cheddar Sandwich

A hearty breakfast sandwich stacked with roast beef, eggs, bacon, and LaClare Smoked Goat Cheddar sure to satisfy your appetite and please your taste buds.

Grilled Ham and Goat Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

A classic go-to for lunch or dinner, this grilled ham and cheese comes with a Goat Cheddar twist. Keep it simple or add fresh flavor with greens, tomatoes, artichokes, or peppers.

Caprese Salad

One of our favorite salad recipes from our café menu. The combination of roasted tomatoes, basil pesto, and LaClare Goat Mozzarella draws inspiration from a traditional caprese.

Turkey and Chevre Sandwich

A LaClare café favorite, this delightful turkey sandwich is complemented with fresh goat cheese (our Original chèvre) and cranberry aioli.

Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese French Toast

Fry up classic French toast with a sweet spin. Topped with LaClare Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese, this beautiful breakfast will taste more like dessert.

Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

Sweet meets savory in this salad featuring strawberries, green apple, basil, toasted pecans and our creamy LaClare Original Goat Cheese tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. A fresh and flavorful way to elevate your everyday 

Mexican Goat Cheese Dip

This whipped goat cheese dip is simple to make and hard to resist. Featuring LaClare Chipotle Honey Goat Cheese, it offers the perfect amount of heat for spicing up an afternoon snack or your next get-together 

Honey Goat Cheese Bites

Featuring LaClare Goat Cheese, these four-ingredient honey goat cheese bites are a go-to app for any gathering—simple to make and simply delicious. 

Goat Cheese and Herb Omelet

The freshest LaClare Original Goat Cheese pairs perfectly with fresh herbs in this omelet that will be a welcome addition to your weekday breakfast or weekend brunch menu. 

Goat Cheese Snack Pack

Create your very own nutritious, delicious and convenient snack pack. It’s completely customizable, so pick your favorites, but we suggest you make LaClare Goat Cheese the star of this on-the-go show.  

Goat Cheese Crisps

These low-carb, keto-friendly cheddar goat cheese crisps are quick to make, for the perfect, protein-packed snack. Adults and kids alike can enjoy them on their own or paired with hummus.

Goat Cheese Buffalo Dip

Elevate your entertaining with goat cheese and buffalo chicken dip—next-level flavors that will have your guests craving it and raving about it. 

Candied Bacon with Goat Cheese and Hot Honey Crostini

Skip snooze for a little sweet heat. Bacon, LaClare Fig & Honey Goat Cheese, and hot honey atop crostini elevates your everyday breakfast recipe routine. 

Sweet and Savory Grilled Cheese

Level up your grilled cheese game with a coveted combination of caramelized onion, fig jam and two cheeses—LaClare Honey Goat Cheese and LaClare Goat Mozzarella.

Goat Cheese Avocado and Cucumber Sandwich

With LaClare Mediterranean Goat Cheese pulling it all together, this creamy and crunchy sandwich is a delicious, healthy, and super easy lunch option to prepare on the fly.

Sweet Roasted Carrots with Maple Bourbon meal

This roasted carrot dish is topped with candied pecans and Maple Bourbon Goat Cheese creating a sweetly earthy side dish for the fall and holiday season.

Potatoes with Raw Cheddar Cheese Dip meal

Everyone enjoys roasted potato wedges as a tasty side dish, but pairing them with this spicy Raw Goat Cheddar Cheese sauce makes this side rival any entrée.

Pumpkin Crostini meal

Pumpkin Goat Cheese spread on to a crostini is a delicious breakfast all on its own, but once paired with sage, maple syrup, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries, these are bursting with fall flavor.

Peach Salad with Honey Goat Cheese meal

A succulent combination of fresh, ripe peaches and sweet, tangy Honey Goat Cheese over greens. This salad screams summer.

Mediterranean Egg Bites meal

Mediterranean egg bites are the perfect food to start off your day. These bite-sized egg muffins are full of flavor, featuring our Mediterranean Goat Cheese.

Three Cheese Lasagna Soup meal

Elevate your lasagna soup with creamy goat cheese. This soup has a classic Italian flavor and is complimented with three types of LaClare Creamery cheeses.

Tequila Lime Tacos recipe

This tequila lime marinade is packed with flavor. Once cooked and topped with Chili Lime Goat Cheese, these tacos will be your new favorite recipe.

One Pot Mediterranean Chicken meal

This simple one-pot recipe can be on the table in less than 25 minutes and is loaded with fresh veggies and our Mediterranean Goat Cheese.

Garlic Herb Goat Cheese Pasta

This flavorful herbed Goat Cheese Sauce makes a delicious pasta sauce and much more. Try it over grilled chicken, grilled portabella mushrooms, or use as a decadent fondue sauce.

chili lime quesadilla meal

Try these simple and delicious quesadillas with the unbeatable flavor combo of cilantro, lime, and chili and fresh-tasting LaClare Goat Cheese.

Baked Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese

Our Original Goat Cheese recipe upgrades classic mac and cheese into something truly special. Pair with a green salad and dinner is served.

goat cheese cookies recipe

This cookie recipe from Big Kids in Chicago, IL, features a sweet and lemony cookie that is topped with Rolled Blueberry Vanilla goat cheese for an added boost of flavor and tartness.  

Gateau Breton With Whipped Apple Cinnamon Goat Cheese

Gateau Breton is a classic French butter cake. In this recipe, the cake is layered with apple filling and topped with a dollop of whipped, sweet Apple Cinnamon Goat Cheese.

sweet and spicy goat pepper jack cheese plenta bake with honey

Inspired by the Lowcountry of South Carolina, this comforting baked side dish combines spicy Goat Pepper Jack Cheese, hearty grits, and corn.

Everything Bagel Goat Cheese and Roasted Vegetable Tortellini

Everything Bagel Goat Cheese tops fresh veggies, tortellini, and Italian seasoning for an easy weeknight sheet pan meal.

Chipotle Honey Goat Cheese Smashburgers

Patty up some ground beef, add a layer of thinly sliced onions, and top with Chipotle Honey Goat Cheese for an elevated twist to the trendy smashburger.

Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops

Pork chops are transformed by tucking Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese inside and glazing with a sweet and tart cranberry balsamic glaze.

Taco Pizza with Goat Cheddar Cheese

Goat Cheddar Cheese makes this taco pizza a unique and family-friendly weeknight entrée option.

Everything Bagel Goat Cheese and Smoked Salmon Pizza

Inspired by the Michelin star pizza from Chef Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant, smoked salmon is enhanced with Everything Bagel Goat Cheese and fresh dill.

Warm Fig & Honey Goat Cheese Salad with Beets and Pears

Fresh mixed greens are topped with warm and crunchy Fig & Honey Goat Cheese, roasted beets, and fresh, juicy pears to create a flavor-packed salad.

Mixed Citrus, Fennel and Goat Feta Cheese Salad

Goat Feta Cheese makes this citrus and feta salad recipe fresh, summery, and distinctly delicious.

Spicy Goat Cheese and Chorizo Dip

Using both Goat Jack Cheese and Original Goat Cheese, this baked Mexican-style fondue is topped with fresh pico de gallo, green onions, and cilantro, making it the perfect dip for tortilla chips and an ice-cold margarita.

baked mozzarella goat cheese dip with candied tomatoes

This warm, creamy baked Mozzarella Goat Cheese dip is topped with candied, rosemary-scented tomatoes. Try rubbing a garlic clove on your baguette or crostini after toasting to bring an extra flavor punch.

Baked Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese Dip with Bacon, Pecans and Figs

Looking for a sweet and savory dish to serve at your next party? This Baked Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese dip with diced smoked bacon and toasted pecans is a showstopper.


Air Fryer Goat Feta Cheese Sticks

This appetizer of crispy, melty Goat Feta Cheese coated in breadcrumbs and za’atar will quickly become a guest favorite.

Crab and Goat Cheddar Cheese Quiche

Sweet, decadent crab is paired with Goat Cheddar Cheese and spring onions in this elegant quiche.

Asparagus and Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese Frittata

Celebrate springtime with this sautéed leek and asparagus frittata featuring Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese and fresh dill.

Mixed Berry LaClare Goat Cheese Cheesecake

This cheesecake, featuring LaClare’s award-winning Original Goat Cheese, is a delicious showstopper that’s perfect for any celebration.

Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese Pudding with Fresh Berries

Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese pudding topped with fresh berries makes for a simple, elegant, and satisfying dessert to serve after any meal.

Honey Goat Cheese and Lentil Salad

This salad is perfect to make for your lunches all week. Hearty lentils and a tangy dressing provide a delicious backdrop for fresh herbs, nuts, and the star of the show — creamy, sweet Honey Goat Cheese.

Spinach and Goat Feta Cheese Salad with Walnuts and Pomegranate

Celebrate spring any time of year with this classic combination of crisp spinach and creamy Goat Feta cheese paired with salty walnuts, tart pomegranates, and a bright, mustardy dressing.

Roasted Garlic, Chive and Goat Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

Roasted garlic, fresh chives and plenty of Goat Cheddar take these mashed potatoes to another level. Impress your guests with this must serve side dish.

Prosciutto and Goat Mozzarella Flatbread Pizza

Use store-bought naan, or lavash bread, salty prosciutto and creamy Goat Mozzarella cheese for an upscale pizza recipe that is super simple to make and ready to eat in 15 minutes.

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chicken with raw goat cheddar and peppers

Looking for a quick and healthy dinner? Sautéed chicken and peppers topped with Raw Goat Cheddar will be ready for your dinner table in 30 minutes and will satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Goat Pepper Jack Stuffed Pork Meatballs

These savory baked pork meatballs are stuffed with LaClare Goat Pepper Jack Cheese for a spicy kick. Serve as an appetizer or pair with pasta or salad for a complete meal.

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Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese and Tomato Tartlets

Store-bought puff pastry make these elegant Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese tartlets easy enough to whip up for a weeknight meal.

cheddar goat cheese crackers with an old fashioned drink

Elevate your snack game by baking your own Goat Cheddar cheese crackers.

Bacon-Wrapped Fig & Honey Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

These bite-sized appetizers are the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and tangy. Go ahead and make a double batch, your guests will thank you.

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Whipped Everything Bagel Goat Cheese Spread

Our award-winning Everything Bagel Goat Cheese with onion, garlic, poppy and sesame seeds elevate this whipped goat cheese appetizer to an absolute crowd favorite.

Breakfast Tacos with Goat Jack Cheese

These breakfast tacos stuffed with savory bacon, fresh eggs and buttery jack goat cheese are the perfect way to start the day.

Roasted Red Pepper, Pesto, and Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese Pizza

Looking for a quick, easy, and delicious dinner option? This Garlic & Herb goat cheese pizza is packed with fresh flavor and is ready to eat in under 30 minutes.

Crispy Air Fryer Goat Cheese Balls

This appetizer pairs sweet LaClare Chipotle Honey Goat Cheese with spicy red pepper flakes and fresh Italian parsley for a crispy bite of savory goodness.

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goat cheese chevre filled doughnuts

DIY donuts are not only doable—they’re extra delicious when you use our Original Chevre Goat Cheese. Indulge your friends and family with this exceptional treat.

goat cheese brownies

Goat cheese brownies for the win. Please your family and friends with a platter of these decadent, chocolatey, frosted, glazed treats.

sweet potato cranberry pecan bites

These delectable Sweet Potato Cranberry Pecan Bites featuring our Original Goat Cheese are poppable, guilt-free appetizer your guests will appreciate.

honey goat cheese dip

Warm, creamy, lightly sweet, and a nutty crunch. Our Honey Goat Cheese Dip is a quick, tasty treat to whip up and wow your guests.

Find this and other great goat cheese appetizers on our blog.

Goat Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

Need to set out a snack that’s cool, quick, and unique? These Goat Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes are a tempting refreshment, sure to please and easy to make.

Goat Mozzarella Fondue

A sensual appetizer that tastes like it takes long to make yet won’t melt your time away. Goat Mozzarella Fondue is doable in a pinch, and features two of our goat cheeses in a rich, creamy blend.

Cranberry Goat Cheese Ball

This Cranberry Goat Cheese Ball will be the low-key star of your appetizer spread. Featuring our Original Goat Cheese rolled in cranberries and nuts, topped with cinnamon and honey, this ball has it all.


Watermelon & Goat Cheese Bites

Watermelon & Goat Cheese Bites are a quick and easy appetizer for that weekend cookout. Featuring fresh watermelon, chèvre, and basil, crispy bacon, and a drizzle of balsamic for a sweet, salty, tangy treat.

avacado and goat cheese feta toast

You’ll be the toast of the table when you serve Avocado Feta Toast. Guests will savor the tangy taste of our Goat Feta on top of chunky avocado with salty spices.

cheesy bacon potato boats

Crispy baked Cheesy Bacon Potato Boats offer smooth, savory sailing to hosting success. Featuring our Evalon and Raw Goat Cheddar Cheeses, these spuds are spectacular.

Goat Cheese Cream Sauce on a waffle with fruit

Drizzle on the delicious, in a matter of minutes. Turn breakfast or dessert into a treat with a tasty topping of our sweetened Original Goat Cheese.

grilled chandoka goat cheese and bacon sandwich

This Grilled Chandoka & Bacon sandwich oozes savory goodness. Delight your diners with this high-end grilled cheese fresh off griddle.


Campfire Roasted Veggie Packets with goat cheese

Hearty vegetables roasting on an open fire, plus the cool balance of our Original Goat Cheese is a meal to make happy campers of all your guests.

Carrot Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing

This crispy, cool Carrot Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing is a brightly delicious side, or can be served atop crusty French bread as a refreshing entrée.

Goat Cheese Mousse with Red Wine Caramel

This sweet, creamy, fruity delicacy is a refreshing dessert that’ll have your guests scraping their glasses clean, featuring the fresh flavor of our Original Goat Cheese.

Goat Cheese Mousse with Red Wine Caramel

Indulge your guests with this instant classic dessert: crostini topped with whipped goat cheese and a decadent, fruity red wine caramel syrup.

Goat Cheese Frosting on cupcakes with sprinkiles

Top your favorite treats with the elevated frosting flavor of our Original Goat Cheese: sweetened, spreadable, and so satisfying.

Cherry Walnut Goat Milk Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is even more exquisite with creamy, fresh-tasting milk. Made with whiskey and topped with caramelized cherries and walnuts, this dessert is always a winner with the 21-and-up crowd.

Ricotta & Evalon Cheesecake

Give your guests the coolest dessert in town. These refrigerated Ricotta & Evalon Cheesecakes are elevated our aged goat cheese and topped with zesty fruit flavor.

Watermelon Chevre Pizza

Fruity, minty, creamy refreshment by the slice. Watermelon Fruit Pizza is topped with a sweetened mixture of our Original Goat Cheese and the berries of your choice for a quick and cool treat.